Cost Of Living In The Philippines

The cost of living in the Philippines is one reason why more and more Americans and foreigners want to settle in this land when they retire. Certainly, the cost of living in this country is much cheaper compared to other countries. Although, the cost of living may always vary depending on the lifestyle of the person  and the demographical  location where they want to live.

If you compare the cost of living in the southern regions like Cebu and Davao in Mindanao, it is far different from that of in Metro Manila areas. It is cheaper to live in less densely populated areas and countryside, the prices of house rentals, services, and commodities are a little bit cheaper. Most often farm products and sea foods are fresh and cheaper in suburban localities rather than in urban.

Most places in the southern region are popular with western retirees and tourists. The places are less polluted, there is less traffic, and they are closer to the wonders of nature.

Cost of living in the Philippines is cheaper compared to other nations in South East Asia. International foods and food chains are accessible all over the country… even in suburban localities. Popular and huge shopping malls are located in big cities like Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao. If you want to be closer to sophisticated cities, the cost of living is higher.

The cost of living in the Philippines is obviously inexpensive. For a family of four with a middle class lifestyle, expenses of twelve to fifteen thousand pesos a month for food is more than enough, that includes fresh fruits and vegetables.

Two to three thousand pesos a month in power consumption already includes air conditioning. A water bill is at least five hundred to a thousand depending how many people are in the household. Broadband and DSL providers are available in promo packages.  Public transportation is available to commuters; the most common is the jeep with minimum fare of eight pesos; basic charges for cabs (taxi) are reasonable. Lifestyle in the provinces or suburban localities is much cheaper than in highly urbanized cities.

Because the cost of living is cheaper in this country, an expat can live lavishly in a monthly income of fifty thousand pesos (approx. $1,160 USD). Cost of living in the Philippines goes higher as your lifestyle goes lavish.


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