Life In The Philippines

The Philippines is the center of cultures, which tends to capture the compassion of our foreign guest, and be a country of preference for their retirement.  Numbers of retirees are coming to have a life in the Philippines since it is much more pleasurable and cheaper to live here. Added to the attraction is the tropical weather which magnetized expats and tourist to visit and even decide to live in this country when they retire.

Eventually, one of the most hopeful retiree’s ideas  is to live in the Philippines. The rich history and culture of the Philippines are plus factors that anyone may look forward to experience the mixture of luxurious and special way of life of foreign and native elements. Life in the Philippines is exciting and fascinating!

Since time of memoriam, the Filipinos have been used to welcoming  foreigners and accommodating them well. The art of accommodating foreigners have been a part of the Filipino ideals; being hospitable and cheerful makes them feel better. Life in the Philippines is a great feeling of being welcome all the time.

Life in the Philippines is not just being treated special but often times living like a king. In the US a retirement of 1000US$ is very difficult to live and enjoy an upright lifestyle  unless you go out and engage in a part time job to earn more so you may live decently. But in the Philippines it is more than sufficient to live lavishly with 1000US$ income. The standard average income of a Filipino household is from 200US$ to 250US$. If you earn more than the average, that situates you into the higher level of the Filipinos society.

Among all other nations in the South East Asia, the Philippines’ is not behind with its wonderful beauty of nature. The captivating white sand beaches, the revitalizing atmosphere of their suburban localities ( provinces) the green and tall trees that wraps the mountains as you travel along the trail, and the amiable smiles of every Filipino as you pass along the way are more than having a life of a king in a strange nation. A stranger is always welcome to every Filipino!

The gorgeous Filipino women could be one attraction for single  foreign men to visit and live a life in the Philippines. Their captivating simplicity, beauty and charm makes the Philippines competitive in world beauty pageants.

Many expats find a wife or girlfriend and establish a life in the Philippines with them. This means that an expat is not too old to live a life in the Philippines and have a good family. In general Filipino women are simple and easy to please as long as you treat her with respect you will never live by yourself. The environment of “belongingness” is not limited to anyone who wants to establish a life in the Philippines.

However, like any other country, life in the Philippines is not always easy, there are good and bad times in which anyone should be prepared and cautious about. Nevertheless, expats who want to start a life in this country will definitely take pleasure in living with people who are used to live an easier life. It is like starting over from the rat race way of life in your country of origin. Retire and be in a paradise of adventures with gleaming beaches, stunning women and inexpensive living. Yet, before making a decision to go in a foreign land for your retirement you must first learn and familiarize the culture and environment of the country.

Life in the Philippines is the best option you may have!


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