Americans Living In The Philippines

Americans Living In The Philippines

Numerous Americans have established their lives in the Philippine islands either for a short time or for lifetime after colonization by the United States. They were mostly members of the U.S. Military Forces, or American missionaries. However, even during the Spanish era, American settlement in the Philippines had already sprouted, primarily to venture on business specifically in trade and sugar production. Yet the American influx to the country was nominal until the Philippine- American war.

After the Philippines’ was liberated everything has changed; the society had to undertake with various problems; extensive loss of production, total devastation of possessions, and the dislodgment of communities whose entire families were gone. More than anything else, the Philippine Independence from World War II had brought a significant changes in the life of Filipino people and the Americans; the spring of a new relationship with each other, has smoothen the road of understanding and acceptance towards a better friendship of these two countries.

Hence, it is general knowledge that there are numbers of retired Americans living in the Philippines; many of them are from the US military who resides here permanently. However there are few other retired US Military who are living here yet they aren’t permanent residents. There are few Americans living in the Philippines who are simply US social security retirees and or under a US social security disability pension. Actually, in the US it is so difficult to live on US social security payments only, but at least it is much more possible here in the Philippines. There are some to be found Americans living in the Philippines who are permanent residents or in the course of obtaining their permanent resident visas. These are the Americans who work in Philippine- based American companies or they are just of a few who are spending their life savings to try establishing their life here because of the low cost of living. Somehow there are also Americans living in the Philippines whose visas are expired and now considered as illegal aliens, just like in the US tracking illegitimate foreigners here in the Philippines is quite difficult unless there would somebody to report to the bureau of immigration offices.

Americans living in the Philippines are mostly living a regal like life; it is everybody’s knowledge that the cost of living in the Philippines is significantly not as much as the cost they would spend for the same lifestyle in the US and in Europe and even in other countries of South East Asia. Medical and Health services is quite low compared to western countries. Most Americans living in the Philippines with serious health problems choose to live in the highly urbanized cities where sophisticated medical facilities are available. In spite of being a third- world country which means that poverty is prevalent more and more western retirees choose the Philippines as their retirement home. Perhaps of all the tropical countries in Asia that is conducive for both vacation and retirement home, the Philippines’ is on the top. In terms of a holiday lifestyle and leisure or settle for good, the Philippines’ has much more to offer to foreigners. Anywhere you go there’s great place for everyone, and for countless foreigners the Philippines is a paradise on earth!

The Philippines is very famous for their congeniality, kindness and cheerfulness which build confidence to foreigners and guests that the Philippines’ is a safe place to stay. Aside from that, the rich Filipino cultures, their amazing work of arts are all but spectacular and incomparable. Life in the Philippines is much easy and fewer complexes compared to the life in most first world countries. But it would sometimes turn out a different way when few concerns are taken for granted. Most Americans living in the Philippines have great experiences in the places they choose to retire. The hospitability of the Filipino is exceptional; they treat life as easy going and normally happy. The smile in their faces can greatly transform the lonely day to a very joyous and momentous day of activities. Americans living in the Philippines believed that they have totally escaped from the Rat race life in their own country!

Americans living in the Philippines have made their life a difference as they continue to the different ways of living in the Island; from the beauty of nature to the inimitable culture, and the inexpensive cost of living it is worth gratifying to call the place a HOME, may it be for sometime or for a lifetime!



Cost Of Living In The Philippines

Cost Of Living In The Philippines

The cost of living in the Philippines is one reason why more and more Americans and foreigners want to settle in this land when they retire. Certainly, the cost of living in this country is much cheaper compared to other countries. Although, the cost of living may always vary depending on the lifestyle of the person  and the demographical  location where they want to live.

If you compare the cost of living in the southern regions like Cebu and Davao in Mindanao, it is far different from that of in Metro Manila areas. It is cheaper to live in less densely populated areas and countryside, the prices of house rentals, services, and commodities are a little bit cheaper. Most often farm products and sea foods are fresh and cheaper in suburban localities rather than in urban.

Most places in the southern region are popular with western retirees and tourists. The places are less polluted, there is less traffic, and they are closer to the wonders of nature.

Cost of living in the Philippines is cheaper compared to other nations in South East Asia. International foods and food chains are accessible all over the country… even in suburban localities. Popular and huge shopping malls are located in big cities like Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao. If you want to be closer to sophisticated cities, the cost of living is higher.

The cost of living in the Philippines is obviously inexpensive. For a family of four with a middle class lifestyle, expenses of twelve to fifteen thousand pesos a month for food is more than enough, that includes fresh fruits and vegetables.

Two to three thousand pesos a month in power consumption already includes air conditioning. A water bill is at least five hundred to a thousand depending how many people are in the household. Broadband and DSL providers are available in promo packages.  Public transportation is available to commuters; the most common is the jeep with minimum fare of eight pesos; basic charges for cabs (taxi) are reasonable. Lifestyle in the provinces or suburban localities is much cheaper than in highly urbanized cities.

Because the cost of living is cheaper in this country, an expat can live lavishly in a monthly income of fifty thousand pesos (approx. $1,160 USD). Cost of living in the Philippines goes higher as your lifestyle goes lavish.


Travel To The Philippines

Travel To The Philippines

Every person wishes to tour, but  not traveling around the world, may choose a place where  they can enjoy themselves  and relax from the regular routines of  life.  Most of the time travelers just think of the places they would like to explore. Traveling helps an individual to be exposed to many diverse places, communities and societies. Sometimes travelling helps in unwinding and self searching. However travelling to foreign countries is a most challenging, yet enjoyable, adventure.

One of the most travelled nations in the world is the Philippines. Expats from the different parts of the world, particularly from the western side, travel to the Philippines either as tourists or they may choose to live there permanently.

The interesting sites, culture, inexpensive living, and  tropical weather of the Philippines are the primary reasons that westerners love to travel and visit this country.  Despite a few negative notions and mislead impression about national security, the Philippines is a safe and secure place to live and visit.

It is very pleasurable to travel in the Philippines. The warmth and kindness of the Filipinos who welcome foreign guests  make them feel comfortable and delighted.  Certainly the amazing beauty of nature attracts more and more tourist to travel to the Philippines. Next to these wonderful places, Filipino friendliness and hospitability makes the Philippines a treasure for tourists.

The Philippines is a magnificent colorful land and full of life. Discover the enchanting splendor of the Philippines that is visible through its distinct culture, way of life, and atmosphere. In some way all of us have the aspiration to reside and stay in a blissful place where we can enjoy every minute of life. The Philippines is the ideal place to travel.

Although there are many countries that could provide and satisfy your travel pleasure with least cost,  the Philippines is remarkably different.   You can experience this first hand and may even realize that life here is more fascinating and worthy.

The significant and captivating beauty of the Philippines made her known as the “Pearl of the Orient Seas”. The natural mountains with their gentle winds  give a delightful ambiance and is an ideal site for passionate recollection and wonderful escape  from the lowlands summer heat.

You may also experience the  marvelous food that is tasty and reasonably priced for everyone. A growing number of bistros are expanding all around the country to provide all kinds of international or exotic tastes of the Filipino food.

No matter what your reason to travel to the Philippines, there is a right place that can satisfy and fit your unique personality.


Living In The Philippines

Living In The Philippines

Just like any other developing countries, the Philippines may perhaps not be exempted from economic and political struggles and difficulties; yet in spite of these, the Filipinos remain united and tough… to stand proud. The most admirable attributes of the Filipino that is hard to deny is their cordiality  and loving; one reason why numbers of retirees choose Philippines as their country of retirement.

An expat can retire and live in the Philippines with their retirement money and live like royalty. Although, it varies depending on the location where you want to settle. But compared to other countries, the cost of living is still cheaper.

One has to consider though, the fact that as cost of living in the Philippines may be cheaper,  there are a few basic services that may be somewhat less efficient.

If you are concerned about  personal safety;  (while everyone is cautious), you may choose one place out of the numerous  exclusive, gated, and guarded communities extended all over Metro areas of the islands.

Preferably, the most admirable place to reside is in suburban communities that have a scenic environment and urban amenities are just within reach. The simplest way to safeguard yourself is to familiarize with the place or places where you want go and do not go alone especially at night time, do not act like you are a superior person… there is nothing wrong if you just remain humble.

The beautiful scenic attractions and exotic foods that can only be found in the Philippines give a reason for anyone to enjoy living in the Philippines. Added to it are the tropical weather and the warm- hearted attitudes of the Filipinos, their being respectful and always smiling makes anyone realize  that the Philippines is a better place to live. Living in the Philippines is living a good life, a total change from a rat race way of living to a simple yet royal lifestyle!

Living in the Philippines is not living alone; it is also having the chance to find a beautiful, sexy and caring girlfriend or wife to be. But like any other countries, living in the Philippines may not all the way stain-free there are fools and foolish; be cautious, be observant and learn the pros and cons to avoid being scammed and be fooled.

In the Philippines, communications is not a big barrier because most of the Filipinos are literate; they can speak and understand English language well.

If you are a retiree who wants to make life different and live like a king with your retirement money, therefore living in the Philippines can make changes in your life! Take the chance!


Life In The Philippines

Life In The Philippines

The Philippines is the center of cultures, which tends to capture the compassion of our foreign guest, and be a country of preference for their retirement.  Numbers of retirees are coming to have a life in the Philippines since it is much more pleasurable and cheaper to live here. Added to the attraction is the tropical weather which magnetized expats and tourist to visit and even decide to live in this country when they retire.

Eventually, one of the most hopeful retiree’s ideas  is to live in the Philippines. The rich history and culture of the Philippines are plus factors that anyone may look forward to experience the mixture of luxurious and special way of life of foreign and native elements. Life in the Philippines is exciting and fascinating!

Since time of memoriam, the Filipinos have been used to welcoming  foreigners and accommodating them well. The art of accommodating foreigners have been a part of the Filipino ideals; being hospitable and cheerful makes them feel better. Life in the Philippines is a great feeling of being welcome all the time.

Life in the Philippines is not just being treated special but often times living like a king. In the US a retirement of 1000US$ is very difficult to live and enjoy an upright lifestyle  unless you go out and engage in a part time job to earn more so you may live decently. But in the Philippines it is more than sufficient to live lavishly with 1000US$ income. The standard average income of a Filipino household is from 200US$ to 250US$. If you earn more than the average, that situates you into the higher level of the Filipinos society.

Among all other nations in the South East Asia, the Philippines’ is not behind with its wonderful beauty of nature. The captivating white sand beaches, the revitalizing atmosphere of their suburban localities ( provinces) the green and tall trees that wraps the mountains as you travel along the trail, and the amiable smiles of every Filipino as you pass along the way are more than having a life of a king in a strange nation. A stranger is always welcome to every Filipino!

The gorgeous Filipino women could be one attraction for single  foreign men to visit and live a life in the Philippines. Their captivating simplicity, beauty and charm makes the Philippines competitive in world beauty pageants.

Many expats find a wife or girlfriend and establish a life in the Philippines with them. This means that an expat is not too old to live a life in the Philippines and have a good family. In general Filipino women are simple and easy to please as long as you treat her with respect you will never live by yourself. The environment of “belongingness” is not limited to anyone who wants to establish a life in the Philippines.

However, like any other country, life in the Philippines is not always easy, there are good and bad times in which anyone should be prepared and cautious about. Nevertheless, expats who want to start a life in this country will definitely take pleasure in living with people who are used to live an easier life. It is like starting over from the rat race way of life in your country of origin. Retire and be in a paradise of adventures with gleaming beaches, stunning women and inexpensive living. Yet, before making a decision to go in a foreign land for your retirement you must first learn and familiarize the culture and environment of the country.

Life in the Philippines is the best option you may have!